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Do you know about Bigfoot? Do you think "Rockhounding with Bigfoot" is a gimic for views /subscribers? It's not, it is all very real and started on a summer day back in 2017. Something was lurking in the woods while Dustin, founder, producer and editor of the channel, was out exploring and digging.

At the time he did not know about Bigfoot, and it was certainly not something on his mind. Having seen the shows "Finding Bigfoot", Dustin actually thought the subject was mostly "Hollywood".

To see what happened that day, go to the RMSO Youtube channel, video link below:
   "Rockhounding with Bigfoot" started out as "Finding Treasure in Colorado"
In these two videos, we use Lowe's batteries to show two very different and fun uses with. One is an electric ATV, using the batteries powered parallel, keeping the voltage at 24 volts. In the other video, we make a high powered Electromagnet, which can heal a cyst btw! It is true, we have discovered PEMF does work. In this case, the Pulsating is not so much needed. Just create a 24v electromagnet and have your joint with the cyst inside of it for a few times just seconds each time, you should see the cyst disapear in a week or two. If it only gets smaller, then do it some more. 
In our channel we show how to gold pan in Colorado, how to find cool rocks, as well as put some cool new ideas and inventions into things such as panning for gold. 
You too can make! Gold miller table, how to get gold out of black sand - part 1

Colorado Rockhounding and Gold Collecting